Wedding Makeup Ideas


  • Look at other bridal makeup pictures…
  • Tear out wedding makeup pictures that you love and identify what it is you like about them. Is it the shimmery glowing skin or a lipstick shade that takes your fancy? Keep in mind that not all styles will suit you (I will advise you on this)
  • Tear wedding makeup pictures you don’t like! This can be even more helpful than the ones you do like. It gives the bridal makeup artist a chance to understand your needs better
  • Bring a picture of your wedding dress. This can play a crucial part in the style of your wedding makeup. You want the whole image to be in harmony
  • Always have a trial makeup. So much effort goes into every part of your day don’t leave out the wedding makeup trial this way you can be sure you’ll be happy on your wedding day
  • Have regular facials leading up to your wedding day helps your skin look flawless
  • Carry a touch up kit as tears are usually unavoidable. It’s best to carry some foundation, powder, a sponge, cotton buds for eye makeup particularly if you choose a smoky eye. Smoky or dramatic eyes need a little more attention as eye liner can make its way into the corners creating a build up. A simple clean with a cotton tip will alleviate the problem. Last but not least your lipstick or gloss as you are bound to receive many kisses!
  • Try out waterproof mascara and bring it with you. Sometimes it’s best to use your own that way you’re not in for any surprises with your tears or an unexpected allergy
  • Use your own lipstick or buy the one you choose, that way you have the same lipstick with you throughout your wedding day.



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