“Dear Leanne, Really wanted to thank you for you my ‘Mummy Makeover’. The time you spent with me has made a huge difference to the way I shop and coordinate my wardrobe, and a massive difference to my confidence. I’m excited to get dressed every day, enjoying the process of accessorising, and I feel great when I walk out the door. The ‘style’ guide helps me easily find what suits me, the wardrobe audit was liberating and I’m still clearing out the old and the personal shopping day was a wonderful, uplifting, indulgent and successful adventure – leaving me wanting for more. I’ve gone from a drab Mum getting around in my tracky dacks and 6 year old clothes, to a fashionable and confident women. Thanks for everything”

Melissa Jones, Sydney

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without you and my dear friend Leah I would definitely NOT gone through with the haircut – at this Stage. Thanks for holding my hand and giving me the choice and the encouragement. Roger, the Owner and my hair stylist from MUSE also stated that you knew when to talk, when to listen and When to encourage. I cannot begin to thank you enough – after 42 years of my lovely flowing locks it Was difficult to make the choice but have not had a moment of doubt since.” 

Debra Lee, Nurse, Sydney

“I thought we would achieve very little in our two hour shopping trip. I’ve never found shopping easy or fun for that matter but Leanne really impressed me with her keen eye for what suits your body shape, skin tone and personality. I was amazed to walk away with 5 different outfits plus accessories after that first trip and it genuinely felt like a weekend shopping trip with a mate!! My boyfriend is delighted not to have to watch me stomp around in the closet complaining of having nothing to wear anymore! I highly recommend this lady! She is really good at what she does!” 

Jennifer Murphy, Sydney

“For the last 10 years or so I have mainly worn jeans day in, day out mainly because I wasn’t really sure how to find clothes that complemented my figure. After years of being mostly a home mum, I felt the need to re-invent myself. I hadn’t worn a dress in years and really wanted to wear cooler clothes in summer. I was about to apply for a new job and this was another incentive to go to Leanne. The whole experience with Leanne was both interesting and fun. She is a great lady and was genuinely interested in helping me create a new look. My wardrobe now includes dresses – even a maxi-dress. I am now much more confident when buying clothes as I now know what style of clothes to look for. I have also learned how to accessorise with layered clothing, jewellery, hair, makeup and shoes. These things can make an amazing difference and give you lots of different options without necessarily spending a lot of money. Going out now is much more fun and, by the way, I got the job! Good luck.” 

Deb, Sydney

“Life is full of lessons and spending 3 hours with Leanne is just that. She was like having a very honest girlfriend with you at the shops telling you what to wear, what not to wear, how to update your existing wardrobe and even how to embrace your inner animal print fears : ) I would not hesitate in recommending Leanne’s service to all my girlfriends. She has changed me for the better in how I dress and now I leave my house in the morning on my way to work feeling like I look great, having enjoyed looking in my wardrobe for something to wear with a clear head and OPTIONS! Thanks Leanne. See you in 12 months. Kind regards” 

Nicola, Sydney

“When I first called Leanne for the consultation she was very friendly and approachable. I had lost 12 kilos since I had joined Weight Watchers and my daughter insisted I see Leanne for a consultation. We visited her one evening and she was helpful, prompt and we felt completely at ease from the very beginning. A few days later we went shopping at some of the stores and she knew exactly what suited me and picked up the right clothes. She patiently waited till I tried them on and then suggested a few accessories for the same dress which is helpful especially if you are on a budget. Leanne was punctual and also gave me great ideas about makeup and jewellery as well. I have recommended Leanne to all my friends.”

Vasanti, Sydney

“My day with Leanne Carey was so great; she is so patient and full of ideas. She gave me a lot of tips on how to dress up and I really loved it!! Best” 

Winni, Sydney

“Leanne has an eye for knowing what works. I was thrilled with my wardrobe make-over, I hadn’t even realised there were so many possibilities that existed with what i already owned. The shopping session is addictive and now i have a new short-list of shops that i never new were there. Cheers”

Paula, Sydney

“I’ve done both the wardrobe consult and shopping trip with Leanne and they were both great experiences. She started by taking all of my measurements and finding out what styles I liked. I can still access my personal style guide online to remember what my style recommendations were. At the wardrobe consult Leanne managed to clean four garbage bags of clothes out of my wardrobe and I haven’t missed a single item! I feel cleansed and decluttered now. I loved the shopping trip and got four new outfits which I totally love. They get the most wear out of anything in my wardrobe. I feel much more confident going shopping by myself now and am much more particular about what I buy. I am really glad they I had this stylist experience and plan to get one for my mum for Mothers Day too! Regards” 

Katie, Sydney

“Leanne has a great eye for fashion that can take you over the top or keep you down to earth. Either way she knows how to add that balance to give you the right look to make the right statement at the right time. She is down to earth, approachable, fun to work with and puts you at ease immediately. She’s the kind of girl you really want with you when you go shopping.”

Marina Majeran - Marketing Manager, Roselands shopping centre

“Leanne was recommended by a friend who was sick of me wearing different shades of black. I had lost 14 kilos, but was still wearing the same size 14 black dresses thinking they were making me look slim. Leanne helped me to reinvent myself, she taught me that there are more than two stores in this world and that a bit of colour actually added life to my wardrobe. She taught me that spending money on nice pieces would save me money in the long run. Just 2 hours with Leanne has changed the way I shop forever. I now know what makes me look taller, how to create an hourglass appearance and and that detailing in the right places can be my friend in hiding problem areas. Having Leanne with me took the pain out of the shopping experience. I didn’t have to wander through department stores daunted by choice, I didn’t have to rummage through racks of clothes or wonder whether that color would suit me. I didn’t have to think about where I would find a pair of shoes to match that dress. She did it all for me, she was like a shopping angel sent from heaven. I highly reccomend Leanne’s services for yourself or as a gift. Don’t think twice about it, just do it”

Amanda, Sydney


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